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Richard E. Weisberg, “The Representation of Doctors at Work
in Salon Art of the Early Third Republic in France”
(New York University dissertation, 1995)


Dissertation Table of Contents

Front Matter.  Title and copyright pages, acknowledgments, contents, and list of figures  i-xiv

Chapter I.   Medicine and Surgery at the Paris Salon   1

Notes to Chapter I   49

Chapter II.  Nineteenth-Century Doctors’ Portraits   57

Notes to Chapter II   152

Chapter III.  Other Choices   164

Notes to Chapter III 296

Chapter IV.  “Modern Science Coldly Portrayed”   310

Notes to Chapter IV  528

Chapter V.   Louis Pasteur and the Salon   573

Notes to Chapter V   716

Chapter VI.  Conclusion: Art, Medicine, and French Society in the Early Third Republic   730

Notes to Chapter VI  817

Bibliography   831

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